August 22, 2005

Gabe around the house!

We got a new piano from my Mom and Dad and here's Gabe sitting in the music basket....just chillin'

We also got a new pet (until January) this is Mom and Dad's golden retriever. She's a sweetie and Gabe loves her! He crawls all over here and sits with her all the time.

Gabriel likes to help me clean, as you can see here he's dusting the carpet!!

August 14, 2005

cute pictures

Here's Michael at almost 26 weeks...quite a little kicker I might add!

Top Row is Gabe playing with Jakob in the nursery and him smiling with his Dad's work hat on! Next row he's got Daddy's boots on! The last two are Gabe and Jakob playing again, this time in the church office. This was right before Gabe spilled coke on the carpet and then Jakob poured water on the floor from the water cooler....toddlers :)

Hey Everyone! Gabe has become quite a handful lately!! It is fun, but quite tiring! Has anyone got advice on how to handle temper tantrums at this age?!?! But I have to say he is just as smart as he is active! He knows and does the signs for "more" and "all done", he can understand simple statements and words ("hand mommy the ball", "give that to daddy", "splash"!) and knows exactly where his baby einstein tapes are and how to put them in the VCR!

August 9, 2005

Here I am 6 months pregnant, and here Nick is happily sweeping the floor!!
I'm not really that big yet, but I will keep taking pictures as I slowly get huge!

August 7, 2005

Messy Gabe

We are starting to think it might just be easier to take Gabriel outside and hose him down after every meal!! He's started using a spoon (when he wants to) but prefers to just dig into everything with his hands.

August 2, 2005

Just some pictures

Hey Everyone,
Just wanted to add a couple pictures...

This is our whole family at Lake Blackshear! From the left is my brother Deke, my Dad (holding their dog, Sadie), my Mom (holding their cat, Flo-jo), my sister Susie, me, Nick, and Gabriel!

Top picture: me and Gabriel at the Cubs/Braves game in Atlanta. Bottom picture: Gabriel's birthday cake made by his Grandma and Aunt Susie!