February 23, 2007

Michael's sooooo sleepy!

Michael on the playground
Gabe spinning his water bottle
Now this is what I call a good picture! Of coarse it makes it much easier when the subject being photographed is so DARN CUTE! FYI he DID have pants on!
Michael on the swingset
Michael and Gabe watching Tilly eat her special food...she goes crazy when we get this stuff out and the boys crack up at her!
Look at my precious baby Michael eating his yogurt

This picture is mainly for my brother Deke, a tribute to CMU!
Brother hugs....
A little too much Gabe.... he he
The whole family together again in England!
Despite pink eye, colds, and two bouts of the flu and a crazy pregnant lady (gee...who could that be?) we had a great time!!! REALLY, Mom and Dad...we DID...no sarcasm it was so wonderful to be with everybody again!
The boys playing in Grandma's kitchen...that step stool was probably the hottest toy while we were there, even with a living room full of new toys...isn't it ironic??
Just HAD to put this one in for my dear Daddy, he put together a great vacation for us, including the gold crowns!
Gabe and his friend Ethan in our backyard
Aunt Susie and Mi-Mi...don't ya love the smoke effect on this one...its actually real smoke...from a real fire...REALLY!