February 25, 2010

Is cooking a hobby? If so, maybe I do have a hobby ....

Ok these are are out of order...but here is the finished Rum Cake I made, really should have put an icing on it but ran out of powdered sugar. It was very yummy. Next time will put more chocolate in it too.
This is the rum glaze I poured on top cooking down, hubby thought the cake was too "rummy" I said that's why I give the kids some cake right before nap time... he he

right after it came out of the oven.

Then I tried homemade Chicken Salad. Roasted the chicken with some spices and olive oil the night before and then chopped it up and added lots of goodness....

It turned out quite yummy too!

February 12, 2010

Michael's Valentine's Day party at his preschool, here he is with his friend Conner!
Showing me the card he made!

doing the "I love you" sign, but Mommy didn't quite catch it

Here's a heart for you mommy!

Look at that little baby girl's face, she was trying to steal food ;)

Yummy cupcakes!

saying their prayer

his little place setting!

beautiful table scape...for three year olds!

notice how my son is the only one NOT sitting on the mat, his head is not even in this picture. that's how out of the box he is.