July 24, 2006

Hes TWWWWWOoooooooo

Gabe's Birthday Party!

Okay, these first pictures are mainly to show Aunt Susie how much Gabe loved his Elmo bath toy! He's slept with Elmo a couple times, and as you can tell he knows how to use those crayons! Thankfully, they wash off easy with water or I'd be calling Susie to come scrub my tub... he he! The last one is of Gabe's birthday party food and decorations "spread" at the Comfort Inn...it was a blast and Gabe loved it (thank you Grandma and Grandpa!!!) So, the next couple posts will be pictures of the party!

July 18, 2006

more pictures

The Lawnmower

Hey Everyone!
Well, we gave Gabe one of his birthday presents from us early...we couldn't wait! It was this lawnmower and he has not let it out of his sight since then! He had to sleep with it, and screams bloody murder when we take it from him. He was "mowing" his bedroom at 5:30 this morning...and its not quiet! He's not sleeping with it again! Here are some pictures of him with it and some pictures of me and my sweet baby Michael!

July 11, 2006

Here's MORE!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't think it gets much more fun than this!! Having two under two is definetly a challenge, but WOW it is pretty amusing! Bathtime is like crazy time in our household. We've found that for some reason after the kids get out of the bath they both begin to act like we've given them three cups of espresso! It's pretty funny, actually. Last night, in all this post-bath madness I spilled a whole glass of cranberry juice upstairs (I was up there by myself, nick was grilling...) Now, it didn't just spill over, it splattered ALL OVER the ENTIRE hallway, actually like Mike was happily playing about ten feet away and got splattered all over the head and was just looking at me like "what was that?" meanwhile Gabe was running around like a banshee pulling all the outlet covers off, when I started to clean up Gabe began to throw the washcloths AND the carpet cleaner behind his head like a wild man! Michael was squealing (also like a banshee) and laughing all during this time....his hair matted with red juice! We couldn't help but just crack up...yeah, so the carept IS stained, but the laughs we got out of that was well worth it!

July 10, 2006

New pictures

Hey Everyone!
Michael is crawling these days and into everything! I've REALLY got my hands full with these two energetic, very mobile boys! It's quite fun, though! Susie just visited for a while and we had a blast with her. There's a picture of her with Michael. We also went to the Georgia Aquarium a a couple weekends ago, and that was really cool, Gabe loved it!