October 18, 2005

our handsome little man!

Look at Gabriel...is he not the most handsome little thing? He's gonna be a "babe magnet" when he grows up....he he!
Every thing is going well in the Cappellano family. Except for the lovely cold we've been so generously passing around! Michael is doing great inside my tummy, only about a month left to go now. We are getting so very excited! I've just about got "the boy's room" all set up. Gabe is doing really well sleeping in his new 'big boy' bed (a toddler bed). He'll crawl up there and lay down when we say its bedtime or naptime, and he's beginning to fall asleep there on his own now!
~God Bless you and have a wonderful day!!!~

October 4, 2005

The LION!!!!!

This is Gabe's halloween costume! It is so funny to see him in it! Sadie goes crazy, though. He can "roar" really good, too! We've already put him in in twice just to see how cute he is...and get a good laugh!!!
Gabe is sleeping in a "big boy" bed now! He just started sleeping in it at night about a week ago. He's doing really good. I have to stay in there with him until he falls asleep, but he stays in it all night! I can't believe my little baby is already out of a crib...he's growing up TOO fast!

October 3, 2005

More Illinois!

Gabe playing peek-a-boo with Kathy (Nick's mom) in Illinois. And Below, a couple pictures of Gabe in our hotel room. No, we don't ALWAYS let him eat naked! Isn't that picture of Nick and Gabe too darn cute??? It just displays a side of Nick we don't see that much...he's such a good daddy and Gabe loves playing with him!