December 15, 2006

We are having ANOTHER baby!!!!!!!!!

Can you believe it??? I am pregnant....again! We just found out, and it was a surprise! But we are excited about it! So we'll have a 3 year old an almost-2 year old and a newborn...things should get REALLY interesting!
We leave for England in four days, we are so excited! So Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!!
Here a just a couple more pictures for ya!

December 5, 2006

Thanksgiving (at the beach!)

Gabe at the T-day table with the adults...he did so good!
Gabe loved sitting out on the balcony looking at the beach, here he is with Uncle Deke, Aunt Susie and Papa!

Isn't it just beautiful??? We had a wonderful vacation, thanks so much Mom and Dad for making it possible!!! We can't wait to go to England and be with all the family again!!!

Michael turns one!

Poor little Michael, it was like 11:00 pm...he opened all his presents then CRASHED!!!
His cool Elmo car from Grandma and Papa, he loves it!
Aunt Susie and the boys coloring


PANAMA CITY BEACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

October 30, 2006

Cutie Pie!

Just had to post this lovely picture of Gabe...isn't he handsome, or maybe a better word is pretty??? He he...

October 26, 2006

Here's Michael BEFORE the bottle of vodka we gave him....Here's AFTER....

Okay, totally kidding about the vodka for all of you out there who are freaking out and ready to call the police on me! Also, here's a shot of our beautiful baby girl, Tilly!
~Have a Lovely, Blessed Day!~

October 23, 2006

A milestone in Mommyhood

Here's Michael at Billie and Larry's house...what a handsome boy!
Okay, that is my ARM in my shirt, I was trying to put my sweatshirt on when Nick took the was actually cold enough to wear coats today!! Yeah, I love it! Here's sweet Tilly again...

Look at those handsome men...and they're all mine....he he!


It gets pretty crazy here at our house, and I have to say this job I call full-time motherhood is pretty darn difficult at times...but there are those moments that just make you melt and realize what a wonderful "job" you actually have. This morning I had my two babies in bed with me about 6:30 am. I was nursing Michael on one side and had Gabe on the other side. I felt a soft, chubby hand on my arm...Gabe started rubbing my arm and said "lub you mommy" ( you mom) AWWWWWWW, I will never ever forget that! As tough as it is at times, I would not trade what I do for ANYTHING! Here are just a couple more pictures for you....
Make the most of every moment you have, because the next moment could be your last....I tell my kids and husband I love them probably a dozen or more times a day! Have you ever thought about the phrase, "live like you were dying?" how about giving it a try? Don't you think alot would change? Jesus could come back tommorow or in 100 years, you never know....
Sorry, just something I've been reading about and its really affected me! God Bless....

It's about time for an update, huh?!

Why is Gabe naked in half these pictures you ask? I don't really know....I guess we seem to snap pictures in between diaper changes...we don't really let our kids run around least not ALL the time :) he he

When we ask Gabe to smile for a picture this is what he does!!
And here's Michael wrapped up in his favorite "blanket"...mommy's silky nightgown...I'm hoping to get that back soon!

Here are some old pictures of Gabe's 2nd birthday that I never got up...he loved his cake and felt no need for utensils or hands!

This is our lovely new kitty, Tilly...she is so cute and playful and the boys love her!

July 24, 2006

Hes TWWWWWOoooooooo

Gabe's Birthday Party!

Okay, these first pictures are mainly to show Aunt Susie how much Gabe loved his Elmo bath toy! He's slept with Elmo a couple times, and as you can tell he knows how to use those crayons! Thankfully, they wash off easy with water or I'd be calling Susie to come scrub my tub... he he! The last one is of Gabe's birthday party food and decorations "spread" at the Comfort was a blast and Gabe loved it (thank you Grandma and Grandpa!!!) So, the next couple posts will be pictures of the party!