September 22, 2005


Here are some pictures of us in Illinois. Gabe got chocolate cake every night at Kathy's (Nick's mom) house...he loved it! Do you see the little boy in pink underpants in the pool picture? Yep...that's Gabe! We didn't bring any swim gear for him so Chrissy loaned us some of her daughter's! He was so pretty in pink!!!
Here's Gabe in his hawaiian outfit...and running around in our hotel! He had a great time seeing all his relatives on Nick's side for the first time! He LOVED playing with Kathy's cats...I think I have some pictures of that being developed.
Gabe is just chattering away these his own little language. He says "bye-bye" to Daddy every day when he goes to work and he gives "hugs" now...which is just too precious to describe!
Have a wonderful day ~God Bless~

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