March 12, 2012

A good, quick read in reference to my thoughts on birth control

I copied this from an email I got today from Vision Forum, and wholeheartedly agree!

The Obama administration’s war on life and babies has prompted widespread outrage. In response to President Obama’s mandate to Christian organizations that they must provide insurance to their employees that covers birth control contraceptives and the murderous “morning after pill,” key Christian leaders have fired back: “We’ll go to jail rather than comply.”Yet the Church is not without blame in this attack on life. For decades, Christian married couples — not just co-habiting partners — have embraced America’s culture of contraception. Husbands and wives have valued a larger 401(k) plan and the convenience of smaller families more than fruitfulness, choosing temporal niceties over the blessing of more children. While Christians are quick to define abortion as a “moral evil,” thwarting life through contraception has been excused and even praised as wise “stewardship.”This perspective flies in the face of historic Christian doctrine. For nearly six thousand years, believers viewed children as a reward of the Lord, and fruitfulness as a blessing to be desired. It was widely accepted that those who cut off their seed usually did so in violation of the express commands of God. Only in the last eighty years have child prevention and birth control become acceptable in the Church, beginning with the Anglican Church’s 1930 Lambeth Conference and followed by compromise from other denominations once the “Pill” was declared legal in 1960.While it is right to bristle at ObamaCare’s tyrannical mandates, it is also fitting that we examine our own hearts: Do we truly cherish the blessing of life, or have we been complicit in advancing a culture of self-imposed barrenness? When it comes to God’s gift of children, where do our priorities really lie?

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