July 23, 2005

July 22...Gabe's 1st Birthday!!!

Here's the yogurt, Mommy!

Gabe with his fishing pole...and Uncle Deke's big catch
Happy Birthday to our lovely Gabriel! He is one year old today....and what an amazing year it has been! We woke him up today singing "Happy Birthday", which he wasn't too happy about at first :) We took him to Toys-R-Us to get his swingset that Nick's mom got for him, and we gave him our gift (a musical shapesorter). He loves that toy, he has played with it nonstop since we gave it to him! Tommorow is his big birthday party!
We just got back from Lake Blackshear in Cordele. We stayed in a cabin on the lake with my family for three days! We all had alot of fun! Gabe went on a boat for the first time...he loved it. Wasn't scared a bit, he wanted to walk around and help his Dad drive it. It was so cute...on the way home (on the boat) he fell sound asleep in Susie's arms. She carried him off the boat and all the way back to the cabin and he didn't even flinch! He kept us all entertained! I've posted a couple pictures from Lake Blackshear for everyone to see, and also some pictures of Gabe playing in the fridge!
We've decided that Michael's middle name will be Andrew. Little Michael is already quite active! Oh my...what will I do with another boy as active as Gabe?!?! I'll probably be twice as happy!!

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