July 30, 2005

A new tooth!

Gabriel has another tooth popping through...upper left! It also looks like he could have two more next to that one coming in. This could probably explain his waking up often at night and runny nose. I just think its all so worth it to see the next cute little tooth pop up in his mouth! It seems like everyday Gabe picks up more speed! He is a fearless little toddler~he slides headfirst down our bed, the stairs, slides~in the bathtub he crawls around in the water and even goes under sometimes, face down, with no complaint after coming up. He sure does scare me at times, but the world just seems to be one big playground for him! I'm just worried that when I'm huge and nine months pregnant he'll run away from me and I won't be able to catch him :) He's gotten to the get-into-everything stage...you know, the toilet, the toilet paper, every trash can, every drawer in the kitchen. Actually, I was just searching for my aluminum foil that strangely disappeared! Just seeing the joy and excitement of a toddler experiencing simple, everyday things inspires me to savor and enjoy all the little things of life. He is amazed and thrilled with a cement curb, pots and pans, paper bags, shredding paper, and unfortunately...duck poop (yuck!) I was outside saying good-bye to Nick the other day, and accidently took my eyes off Gabe for about two whole seconds only to find him squishing some mysterious substance in his hands. I'm sure you can guess what it was. Naturally, being the germ-freak I am I instantly whipped him inside washed his hands with antibacterial soap and preceded to coat him up to his elbows in hand sanitizer. I really am trying to cut down on my addiction to Purell, because as Nick constantly reminds me it contributes to the world's increasing problem of bacteria resistance (or something close to that). But in those "emergency" situations I instinctively run to it! Anyways, there are other things going on in our lives besides Gabe :) My sister, Susie, is settling in to her apartment in Colorado Springs My mom and dad drove her out there and helped her move in. I think she begins her training on Monday, and starts teaching the middle of August! If anyone has a kindergarten-aged child in Colorado Springs I would encourage you to enroll him in Susie's class...she is a great teacher! My brother, Deke, is heading off to college near the end of August I believe. He is going to Central Michigan University. I'm sure I will probably be sending him cookies, or some form of baked good, every week! Even though Deke can probably cook for himself better than anyone his age! Nick is off today on a men's canoe trip....which is probably much-needed for him! He doesn't get much free time to relax between work, classes, his church responsibilities, and helping me out!
Here's a picture of Gabe's new (Nike!!) shoes...a birthday present from his Grandma Cappellano. They are just so, so cute on him.
Have a great weekend!
~Enjoy what you have rather than desiring what you don't have. Just dreaming about nice things is meaningless, it is like chasing the wind.~ Ecclesiastes 6:9 (NLT)


GGRIchardson said...

This is awesome. I love seeing these pictures. Gabe is so sweet.
I love you, Grandma R.

Billie said...

This is such a cool site. It lets us get to know our grandson. I look forward to see what you have on next about him. Gabe you look awesome in your new shoes. Love you, Nana and Pappa Cappellano