July 15, 2010


Baby number 2....our little firecracker Michael! Born on November 21, 2005. Only 16 months after Gabe was born! Weighing in at 7lbs even, making him the runt of the pack. But what he lacks in size that boy makes up for in SPUNK!

I was also induced with Michael, but this time it was simply because my parents were flying in from Iceland and my dad could only be there two days and I wanted to make sure he met little Michael! I was induced just a day before his actual due date. Rather uneventful labor....except just Nick with me this time. I wasn't as quiet this time though...not mean or yelling crazy stuff, nothing like that. Just not quiet. No epidural, as planned and no high blood pressure this time. The only slight problem was michael was determined NOT to come out, we still joke that he was hanging onto my rib for dear life! They had to vacuum that little booger out, and he had a huge purple bruise on the top of his head for days. We should have know he would be our strong-willed one, when he refused to be BORN. Never thought my heart could love so much! He was very much a momma's boy from day one...and I still like to think he is! He is four years old now and I love him to pieces!

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Jennie said...

That is so wild! Abby was face-up and wouldn't come out either. She had a big bruise/welt on the top of her head for a couple of days too. I wonder if this is characteristic of the strong-willed ones! Ha...like a rite of passage or something.