July 15, 2010

My babies!

My precious first born, Gabriel Daniel, born on July 22, 2004. He was 7 lbs. 2 oz.

Just to clarify, the picture of me pregnant with Gabe shows quite a bit of liquor, but don't worry, none was consumed at the baby shower..... :)

I went in for a checkup three days after my due date had passed. I was feeling fine, just very swollen and fat...but who doesn't at nine-plus months pregnant?! The doc. said my blood pressure was high, and bordering on pre-eclampsia so he sent me to the hospital to be induced. We quickly ran home to grab our stuff and headed to the hospital! I got evaluated and monitored that night and was scheduled to be induced early the next morning. I had my mom and dad bring me my favorite pregnant meal, which was a sonic breakfast burrito and tater tots. Even though they gave me something to help me sleep that night, I still couldn't. My sweet husband slept in the hospital bed with me (which looking back must have been pretty difficult for him since I was very, very huge....) He slept, I didn't. (watch for this theme in all of my labors...) I was just too darn excited about what was to come!! Around 6 am, the doctor came in and started the pitocin and later broke my water. I had my whole family here for this labor. Everyone except my brother Deke. Mom coached me through this one, with lamaze-type breathing. My sister rubbed my back and took care of my hair (thanks Sus!) dad pretty much just narrated the video tape he was recording. I honestly don't think I said much at all through my very first labor. Until somewhere around 9 cm I sat straight up and declared, "oh my, the baby is coming!" and indeed he was. A couple minutes of pushing and there he was! I had some complications with Gabe though. My blood pressure continued to rise through labor and they had to put me on some sort of medicine for that....I forget the name. His heartrate dropped dramatically once and they talked c-section for a while, but thankfully they turned me the other way and gave me some oxygen and he was fine. I had a couple doses of stadol (which really did nothing for the pain, but just made me feel very very drunk and loopy) but that was it! He was the most precious, handsome newborn I have ever seen! I loved that boy from the minute I saw him! And here he is today, at almost six years of age

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