July 15, 2010


Baby Caleb was born on July 16, 2009. He was 8 lbs. 4.3 oz...again a week early. I was induced yet again with him, at 39 weeks....really just beacause I had done it that way three times and it had worked out fine, and I was ready to get him out!

I went in about 4 am that morning to get started. By the fourth one, I pretty much didn't need much. My husband left at breakfast time to eat at Chick fil A. Then left at lunch time to eat pizza in the cafeteria. All while I couldn't eat anything and was starving again like i was with Joseph. I hadn't eaten since the night before! During this time I think I dilated to about 5-6 cm. But I have to add, I gave Nick permission to leave...but just think its a funny memory. I also remember breathing through some intense contractions, grabbing my bed rail and looking out thru squinted eyes at my snoring husband on the couch. But, really, he was so helpful :) I woke him when I had to go to the bathroom and needed to be "unplugged" :) NOTE: Nick is the BEST Dad and husband ever and I am so thankful he was right there with me through all my labors! I couldn't have done it without him! He will even tell you himself that the last two labors I asked more for the nurses that I did for him. I had some great nurses (shout out to Candace!!!) I also got my beloved orange popsicle again and was good to go! Usually by the time I'm telling Nick "I can NOT do this anymore, I'm going to die" is when I'm 9 cm and ready to push! And that was the case with Caleb too. No epidural, I think I may have had phenegren again when I started feeling sick. Out he came, with red hair and a giant nose :) He may well be our firecracker number two! I love that boy with all my heart...and he will be one year old TOMMOROW!! Happy Birthday Baby!! Momma loves you!

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